one-piece, Axial Propane Heater/ Blower, provides fresh, warm air. It is extremely efficient, requiring only 45,000 BTU’s of input to get a 125° heat rise. Certified for ventilating confined spaces with or without heated fresh air ducts. This model is available in both North American and European voltages.

Heater/blower 1590

$3,475.00 Regular Price
$3,301.25Sale Price
  • Power120 VAC, 4 Amps

    CertificationsCSA, CEESI

    Dimensions14.5" W x 27" L x 14" H

    Weight47 lbs.

    Free Air (certified)424 cfmw/ one 90° bend380 cfmw/ two 90° bends366 cfm

    BTUs45,000Propane Usage1.5 lbs./hr.

    Included10' hose

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