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LPD-LD has an built-in anvil and a front end that allows for a quick mount of adaptors and bushings for small diameter rods. 
Special composite guiding bushings called PTFE protects the zinc or copper surface from the driving rod. The sliding surface of the composite material permits smooth, low-friction operation.


Model LPD-LD-TLPD-TLPD-RVLPD-HD-TLPD-HD-RVActivation typeBytrigger levertrigger leverremote valvetrigger leverremote valveHydraulic system Open centreOpen centreOpen or closed centreOpen centreOpen or closed centreService weightkg18 *134 *235 *245 *346 *3Oil flowl/min2020-3020-3028-4028-40Working pressurebar80-100105-140105-140105-125105-125Impact ragebpm2,3001,680 (30 l/min)1,680 (30 l/min)1,320 (30 l/min)1,320 (30 l/min)Post/rod diametersmm10-6040-10040-10070-15070-150Vibration level 3 axes (ISO 28927-10) 20lpm *4m/s²17.512.8 20.1 Sound power level guaranteed (2000/14/EC) *4Lw dB(A)116115115118118Sound pressure level (ISO 11203) *4Lp, r=1m dB(A)102102102105105EHTMA class CC/DC/DD/ED/EPart number 1801 3940 061801 4040 021801 4050 021801 4140 001801 4150 00*1 Service weight will depend on size of adaptor. For further information, consult operating manuals *2 With square adaptor, 54 mm *3 With anvil rod and head, 148 mm *4 Important: full details of measurement is available in the Safety and Operating Instruction of the product.

Post and ground rod drivers

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