Axial Blower- High Density Polyethylene housing

Price: $509.20


Electric - 1/3 HP
120 VAC, 3 Amps

Certifications CSA, CEESICEESI

Dimensions18" L x 14" W x 15" H

Weight17 lbs.

Free Air (Certified)1,004 cfm 814 cfmw/ one 90° bend 586 cfm478 cfmw/ two 90° bends

Housing High Density Polyethylene

Static Pressure 2.10" W.C.


These axial steel constructed and powder painted models are our most popular. They are available in either 120 VAC (Model 1325D) or 12 VDC (1400D). These units weigh only 19 pounds, and provide from 922 to 1075 CFM of fresh air. A suction adapter is also available (Model 3003P) for those special applications. The CSA certified model 1325D may be coupled to our 1690D LP heater that together provides fresh warm air. The Model 13253D is our 220 VAC, 50Hz model that is built to CE specifications.