Resinating Fiberglass Expansion Liners

Fiberglass Expansion Lines and Corbels are custom made to fit virtually any size or shape sewer pipe or manhole. The Expansion Liners, fit securely inside existing sewer pipes and manholes.




Are you and your team fully aware of the 45-year history behind Resinating LLC and the many benefits of Resinating’s EIPI Technology?
You can find links to those sections on The Better Choice Page.

Are you and your engineering firm familiar with the publicly available data that calls out the likelihood of significant, ongoing infiltration following the installation of CIPP and SIPP options? See the CIPP link on The Better Choice Page.
These are products that have a history of failure based on independent 3rd party data?
If you relied on your engineering firm’s recommendation to use CIPP or SIPP and it fails to perform properly, are you prepared for the future costs that you will incur?
These future costs are avoidable when you use Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology to rehabilitate your manholes and connecting pipes.
Every engineering firm needs to stay up to date with Resinating LLC’s EIPI Technology to keep its “Standard of Care” obligations current.